Tonight we’ll become Women

Ismini (13) often stays over at the house of Komal (12), her neighbour and closest friend. Their friendship has been solid since they were 3. In the year that they will change more than ever, physically and mentally, we are present at their pyjama parties. They are both convinced that nothing will ever change between them.  We experience that year as one intimate movie night where they develop from girls into women. Does their friendship change along?

Tonight we’ll become Women premiered on the 19th of October 2013 at Cinekid.

The Netherlands – Cinekid, 2013
The Netherlands – IDFA, 2013
Poland – Documentary film festival Tranzyt, 2013
Denmark – Marathon Dok, 2014
Sweden – BUFF, 2014
Italy – Young About Film Festival, 2014
Portugal – Indie Lisboa, 2014
Belgium  – DOCVILLE International Documenary Film Festival, 2014
Canada – DOXA, 2014
Germany – DOXS!, 2014
Russia – Saratov Sufferings International Film Festival of Documentary, 2014
South-Korea – DMZ Int. Documentary Film Festival, 2014
The Netherlands – Nederlands Film Festival, 2014
Croatia – Vox Feminae Film Festival, 2014
Denmark – Aarhus Filmfestival, 2014

Young About FIlm Festival, 2014 – Honorable Mention

IDFA, 2013 – Kids&Docs
DOXA, 2014 – Youth Programming Award