Little Giants – season 1

Some kids just have it; they’re born with a special talent. From day one they feel the urge to create. Dance, art, film, writing, sculpture, design or singing. There’s no stopping them. Some parents see the arts as a necessary part of their child’s education; some kids have to pave their own way.

In each episode of the series “Litte Giants” one such passionate young artist is followed during everyday life, at home, at school but especially in their creative processes. In every episode the young protagonist gets the surprise of a lifetime: a meeting with his or her idol. Don’t expect judges or voting by text-message, no competition of any kind, “Little Giants” is about true passion for art.

Starting the 22nd of March 2015, “Little Giants” is aired on eight (consecutive) Sundays on VPRO/Zapp. The new series will be broadcasted from September 2016.