Strange Look

Director Niki Padidar investigates our watching, using her own personal story. What do we see when we watch the people around us?

Do we see the person standing in front of us? Do we see our expectations that we project? Or can we no longer distinguish these projections from these individuals? When Niki was 7 years old, she suddenly entered a new world. Everything looked different. However, from how she was being watched, she slowly learned that it was in fact her, who now looked different. Where she had always been the norm, she was now the deviation. Nobody in the new world knew who she once was, or had been. She became invisible. While being watched.

In this film, where reality and fiction, present and past, dream and memory are intermixed, Niki tries to expose our watching. How does our watching influence our environment, our self-image and our outlook on the world? And what is the impact of a projection on our (sense of) identity?

Niki was 7 years old when she moved to the Netherlands with her parents.